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Are you looking for non-standard, environmentally friendly and also inexpensive forms of advertising? Take a look at our wide range of eco-friendly paper bags!

Grey, white or coloured paper bags can be used at work, at corporate events, in catering outlets and in many other places.

You can carry breakfast or lunch in the smaller bags, made of natural certified kraft paper. Larger paper bags with a large bottom are perfect for shopping, transporting catering products, moving house or organising things around the house. What's more, the bags we offer can be used as elegant gift packaging.

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Why is it worthwhile to opt for inexpensive promotional paper bags

Paper bags

They are comfortable to use and work well in a wide variety of situations. In our shop, you will find bags with a flat or twisted paper handle, special paper bags for bottles, as well as bags with an imprint, slogan or logo.

Paper catering bags

They are durable (carrying capacity of the bag up to 15 kg). Each paper bag from the MarioPack manufacturer is made with attention to the smallest detail. We use durable ecological paper for production, which is characterised by its resistance to destruction (tearing, stretching). We make every effort to ensure that our customers receive a product that meets their expectations. We focus on the functionality of the bags presented in our shop and the possibility of multiple use.

Paper bags with logo

They look great. Whether printed or not printed, paper bags always look impeccable. Original paper bags with a company logo or slogan are perfect as an advertising gadget. A minimalist logo on a white background or a striking graphic motif with an elaborate ornament? We carry out a variety of bag designs and are open to our customers' ideas.

Mariopack Katowice offers

Inexpensive We offer inexpensive paper bags starting from 22 gr/psc., which are distinguished by their solid workmanship and durability. You choose the type of print, colours, handle type, bag dimensions (width, bottom width, height) and paper weight yourself. We take care of the rest.

Ecological paper bags

This is one of the most important features of our products. Paper bags are a good alternative to artificial plastic bags and "disposables". They are environmentally friendly - they are biodegradable. As an experienced manufacturer of paper bags, we have ensured that our packaging is approved by the PZH (National Institute of Hygiene PZH) for food contact. They are suitable for transporting confectionery, catering products and all items intended for consumption.

Paper bags for the benefit of everyone

All of the paper bags on offer in our range are an expression of this - ecological, comfortable and, on top of that, really functional. They will prove themselves in many situations - whether strictly promotional or more practical. One thing is certain - whether you need high-end catering bags or you want printed paper bags that are not only durable but also have a message - we are at your service!

Our projects

Over the years, we have completed many projects for our clients.

Green bags - The future belongs to green solutions!

Perhaps you, like us, are concerned about the fate of the world and nature, or you have just begun to realise this - it does not matter, because our range of bags is aimed at everyone. What does matter is that paper and eco-friendly carrier bags are gaining in importance!

Consumers of the 21st century are paying more and more attention to using environmentally friendly solutions, are demanding and are selective even about their shopping bags. The low-cost paper bags we offer are an excellent opportunity for you to demonstrate your company's eco-friendly attitude in offering your services and, in the process, promote and warm up your brand image.

The best thing is that our paper bags with a large bottom are not a useless product, but on the contrary one that comes in handy on daily basis, every day and on holidays, for shopping and for transporting breakfast to work. By offering your customers such practical and robust bags with a beautiful print or a large company logo, you gain multiple and real benefits.

So take a look at our range and get in touch - we'd love to tell you even more about what our paper bags can do for you and the world!