Paper catering bags Large bottom bags

Anyone having something to do with the catering industry knows that the taste of the food and drinks served is one thing, but equally important is the way in which they are delivered to the customer. It is therefore no surprise that aesthetically pleasing paper bags with a large bottom are widely used in the HoReCa sector and especially in the catering industry. Bags of this type are certified by the PZH (National Institute of Hygiene PZH) for contact with food. They are used for transporting ready-made takeaway meals, confectionery, bread, fruit and other foodstuffs.

What distinguishes printed paper bags

- are a vehicle for advertising - unobtrusive, but very effective

- are an elegant alternative to the popular "plastic bags"

- reusable

An original advertising gadget

Original printed paper catering bags are the answer to the needs of those of you who want to support your corporate activities with eco-friendly solutions. In MarioPack's offer you can find aesthetically pleasing customised advertising bags. The customer can choose the graphic design, colours, type of handles, paper weight and format of the bag. We are able to deliver 500, 1000 or even 5000 products - efficiently and on time. We operate in Katowice, but we carry out orders for customers from all over Poland and abroad. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our team! Please feel free to contact us from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 2.30 pm.

- load capacity of the bag up to 15 kg

- sale in full boxes

- PZH (National Institute of Hygiene PZH) approved for food contact

- possibility of silk-screen printing from 1,000 pieces

Price list without print:

Cennik torby papierowe cateringoweTorby z dużym dnem

Kod Width Bottom width Height No. in box/weight Net price/piece
K1 320 mm 220 mm 250 mm 250   (brąz)     0,38 pln
K2 320 mm 220 mm 250 mm 250   (białe) 0,44 pln
A2 260 mm 140 mm 300 mm 250   (brąz) 0,34 pln
B2 260 mm 140 mm 300 mm 250   (białe) 0,40 pln
A3 260 mm 160 mm 330 mm 250   (brąz) 0,38 pln
B3 260 mm 160 mm 335 mm 250   (białe) 0,44 pln
A4 280 mm 160 mm 405 mm 125   (brąz) 0,50 pln
A5 320 mm 160 mm 420 mm 125   (brąz) 0,55 pln
B5 320 mm 170 mm 410 mm 125   (białe) 0,56 pln
C6 330 mm 160 mm 380 mm 200   (brąz) 0,60 pln
D8 340 mm 200 mm 350 mm 200   (białe) 0,75 pln
D8 320 mm 170 mm 390 mm 390   (białe) 0,70 pln
C10 320 mm 170 mm 390 mm 200   (brąz) 0,66 pln
C9 400 mm 180 mm 390 mm 100   (brąz) 0,85 pln
C8 340 mm 200 mm 350 mm 200   (brąz) 0,63 pln

Torby papierowe cateringowe Torby z dużym dnem

Pricing for printed bags

Shipping at the recipient's expense:

Parcel up to 30 kg (1-3 boxes) - DHL pln 20.00 (prepayment)

Parcel up to 30 kg (1-3 boxes) - DHL pln 23.00 (cash on delivery)

Pallet - DHL pln 165.00 (prepayment)

Pallet - DHL pln 175.00 (cash on delivery)

Lead time:

Without prints: delivery by courier service 1 day

With print: 5 - 14 days